Come on Brett Favre!

Remember when you threw an interception in overtime against the NY Giants at Lambeau field in 2008. It was the NFC championships, oh, and your last game as a Packer. Well this is dumber. This is Lloyd Christmas dumb.

I’m not sure if time doesn’t happen in Mississippi but here in the real world we have things called the internet and social networking. What that means is once something is out there it spreads like wildfire which can either extort, embarrass, or excel you.

With that in mind taking a picture of your Johnson and sending it to a 26 year old girl is one of the dumbest things you could do. Who does that? Did you really think she’d delete it? Next we’re going to hear your voice messages to random girls asking them to delete previous messages. Something tells me this debacle is far from over - get ready for a interesting next few months. You’re going to be wishing you stayed retired.

However, I won’t disregard the good you put in my life while you were a Green Bay Packer so I’ll probably defend you at some point. Idiot. Let this be a lesson to all - If you’re going to cheat on your significant other… Just take notes from Favre and Tiger Woods - then do the opposite.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about click here: JOHNSON STORY