What a load of google crap.

Here is a link to what I think borders a very serious problem we may be facing. Or we have already reached this point and I don’t fully see it yet. The load of crap I’m talking about deals with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. He recently described Apple as having a:

“..core strategy of closed-ness,” while embracing that this has “worked extremely well” for Apple. “You have to use their development tools, their hardware, their software, when you submit an application they have to approve it. That would not be open. So the inverse would be open.”

He called Apple “closed” and said he wants openness. Although I agree with him on a certain level I recall Google and Verizon had a Net Neutrality proposition. I guess I don’t see how the words google, net neutrailty, and openness can go together.

The other comment. As he was discussing the future of technology and Google:

“…you’re never lonely…you’re never bored…you’re never out of ideas.”

Admittedly that sounds kind of ideal. It sounds really cool. But it strikes me that Google thinks they can adjust any single human being to be the way they want. We won’t even be thinking on our own. I won’t think I’m bored because Google will tell me I’m not. I think we’re blasted with enough merchandise, TV, and every other “feel good” feeling for now.

However, this cannot be avoided. Schmidt is right. Everyday we’re already told what to like, wear, drive, and think. I guess I give him credit for at least being very upfront about it. It kind of makes him badass in a way. He just told us how he’s planning to jedi mind trick us. But, it’s scary because I know it will happen.

Having said this - I embrace you technology. We all know this is a boat that can’t slow down.