Monday Thoughts: TIME!

A person’s personality can be determined by how they follow time. You’re always early, right on time, or perpetually late. If you’re the perpetually late person I think that your window of lateness should get a little smaller each time, the person you’re meeting with has the right to leave you at any moment after 11 minutes.

Time is around for a specific reason, and although it’s man made we still run our lives based off of the clock. The simple idea of time needs to be embraced a little more and we need to grasp our limitations in a certain time frame.

I think if you have a job and your workday requires you to work a specific set of hours you should have the option to sleep when you get tired. For Example: If it’s 12pm and you need a nap you can sleep for X amount of time, but that means you need to stay at work X amount of time longer.

If you wake up at 7am and go to sleep at 11pm you have been awake for a total of 16 hours. That’s not too many hours to be alive and awake per day – use the time wisely.

A looooong time ago people would refer to the time as: “12 of the clock” Which has evolved into using the phrase 12 o’ clock.

I’m convinced that in the future Time Travel has not yet been figured out. The moment time travel is figured out we’d be surrounded by Time Travelers, and we ourselves would be time traveling. This of course opens a time travel discussion and also if the future is happening now or if the future has already happened.

There is no way we can get around time; it’s inevitable no matter how you cut it. Until we simplify the Flux Compacitor we have no choice but to respect the framework of time. If you can’t respect time then you float and turn into David taking on a super Goliath.