America's Got Talent... How? Why?

I don’t get it and I don’t care. I constantly watch America’s Got Talent. I sit and watch Nick Cannon try to emulate Ryan Seacrest and I watch these judges talk about absolute nonsense. I look at Howie Mandell’s weird patch of hair under his lip and wonder about his “signature” sign off where he waves from his forehead. I’m not really sure what the hell Sharon Osboure is talking about half the time but I listen. Piers, he is supposed to be the Simon Cowell of the group but he just doesn’t have the jackass persona like S.C. but still…he’s a jackass.

I always find myself watching this show, and I manage to turn it somehow at the correct time each week. I’m starting to think it’s meant to be, I think I’m supposed to watch this show.

Does anyone else watch this show? Am I crazy? Maybe it’s because I just loved Starsearch? What has happened to me?

One way or another YOUTUBE week is about finish up. Wild card week is done. Time to figure out who is going to headline Vegas.