Damn you, Jonas Brothers.

I wish this wasn’t true but unfortunately, it is.

I forgot to bring my ipod with me today so I decided to put on some Kiis FM on my drive home. I was sitting in traffic moving at a snails pace, the clock read something like 5:50pm. I switched the station from Kiis…nothing…switch…nothing…switch… nothing.

For whatever reason I think that if I switch the radio station enough it will make time go faster, it’s kind of like opening the fridge over and over when you know nothing is there.

I made my way back to Kiis FM, otherwise known as Pop radio 101. I hit it just in time for a Jonas Brothers song, the song was called “Burnin’ up.” For whatever reason and I don’t know why my index finger slowly made it’s way away from the dash of my car, which meant Kiis FM, was staying. I immediately found myself listening to a Jonas Brother’s.

Many thoughts started to race through my head, the first one being “Why in the Hell am I listening to this!?” But I ignored that thought like a light breeze. Next thought, “How loud is this? I’m jamming out!” And finally the third thought, “Are my windows up? No they’re down! I need to put them up.” It was just as I was putting my window up when I passed another car and in complete synchronicity I heard a finely tuned Jonas song. That’s right, the car next to me was jamming out too. What the hell? It was some 20 something chick not caring about a thing. After seeing her I felt terrible, I felt confused, I felt like a grown man listening to the Jonas Brothers. But them… It Happened.

A third car, a third suspect was listening to the Jonas Brothers, I heard it coming from my right. I suspected it was another girl or possibly a mother convincing her kids Disney is good. But as I turned I noticed it wasn’t a mother at all, it was a 20 something guy…like me. I could tell he was a little reluctant to listen to the Jonai but he was. I haven’t experienced a 3 car similar station tune-in, like that in a long time but the Jonas Brothers brought us together. Who knows who else was jamming at that time?

How did this happen? Why did this happen? Is there something in their music that forces people not to switch? Is it a good song?

These questions are still sitting in my head. I think the Jonas are brainwashing us.