EARTH HOUR... Lights out Earth time! Who's in?

Just once a year?  On March 27th of this year it was “Earth Hour” Does this strike anyone else as a little odd? It’s just once a year? Really?

Let’s get this going to be once a month, and extend that hour shall we. I say we do it from 8pm until the next morning -  every single month on the 15th.

What is Earth Hour you  ask? Well it’s pretty simple, it’s lights and electronics off. So, Along with trying to get this going more than once a year I want a name change so something like… Lights Out Earth Time.

If this were Jerry Maguire I would be holding a fish asking Renne Zellweger “Who’s coming with me!?”

But seriously, Who’s coming with me? I don’t really see any cons with this. I think it’s a necessity at this point with the energy we’re using. The 15th of EVERY MONTH 8pm until the next day. Think about how much fun the dark is, get the candles ready because we’re doing this.