Job Time 101.

Do you like your job? Do you like what you do every day? It’s so common day to make a joke to anyone about the week almost being over or “can’t wait to be off work.” Why are we all at fault for saying this? Are we tried? Do we just say it to relate to someone else?

How has this happened to the majority of all of us, how have we come to a point where when you look at someone you know it’s not necessarily what they want to be doing? This doesn’t apply to all but like I said earlier… the majority.

Is it the system? Is it us? Is it the commercials and advertisements depicting HOW we feel but not really asking? Are we positioned this way?

I think the common goal is to get to that point in life where we’re not saying anything negative about work, or our days IN work. Wouldn’t it be great to not really know you’re working but to get paid? To go through your life being passionate about what you’re doing and when a paycheck comes you say “I can’t believe I’m paid for this.”

I’ve never been so certain that life and our surroundings are how we create it. Every single day tests our ingenuity, resilience, change, and creativity and how we implement it in our day to day. Each day is for trusting what you know but being open and ready to learn something new.

Trust what you know and don’t let your surroundings dictate how you feel, if the surroundings make you unhappy – find something new to look at until you’re happy staring at it.