Your personality - The Street Crosser.

You’re either one of two people and this can be determined by how you cross the street.

The Scenario: A car is either making a turn or it i headed straight, however it is coming directly at you, but you need to cross the street. 

A) You kind of hesitate to make eye contact with the car’s driver to make sure he/she sees you. You start to creep across the street but you don’t commit, you need to make sure they see you. Once they see you… you walk across the street, give a possible nice wave.

B) You have walkers entitlement, you are the pedestrian and they are the driver. You put your eyes to the other side of the road and you make your B-Line to cross the street. You KNOW you have the right of way and you need not look at the driver because in the back of your head you KNOW he/she will stop… at least you hope they stop. 

If you fall in the “A” category typically you pick up you pace a bit, always give a friendly wave, and tend to be a little more cautious.

If you fall in the “B” category you’re the person who walks in the middle of a parking lot not caring that the car creeping behind you, needs to pass. If you fall here, you have the walkman’s entitlement. And tend to be a tad bit careless.

The Study is 100 percent accurate.