Mr. Lacking Alien

Enough already. I want Alien’s. I want to know the truth of what’s happening around us. Today there was a moment when I looked in the sky and reminded myself that we’re living in a world of constant rotation. The earth is constantly moving, kind of trippy.

I came home and went to the first reliable source I could think of… YouTube. I began watching various videos of conspiracies and sightings all around us.  I watched “UFO’s” and retired government officials mention they have seen and covered up UFO’s as well as “Aliens.” I even watched a video of Buzz Alrdin talking about him seeing an object tracking him in Outer Space. (

National Geographic has a weekly show on called “Ancient Aliens” discussing the theory of Aliens on Earth thousands of years ago. Their theories are pretty gutsy yet very logical. The show breaks down the impossibility of ancient human life being able to move objects before a time of machines. Yet we’re to believe they did it with their hands? They lifted these rocks and boulders to make pyramids and other various rock formations? Some of the rocks in the formations weigh over 1-ton.

SIDE NOTE: Isn’t it at all shocking that we found ice on the moon? The moon! And do you know what Ice means…Water! Do you know what Water means? LIFE!

When you think about the Universe and the fact that (we are told) it’s expanding every second, it’s difficult to actually comprehend the size. It’s tough to realize the small portion of time and space we actually occupy. The Earth is that one lucky place that has a star far enough yet close enough to hold life, and I believe it has to be out there somewhere else…

And I’m ready for this discovery… Or some answers.

Bring on the Aliens, and tell us about the UFO’s. I don’t want this in the dark anymore, I know they’re there!