Sex and the City...I mean... Egypt?

I will openly admit I have seen Sex and The City. I watched it on HBO and in 2008 I saw the movie with my girlfriend. Did I like the movie… okay, yes I did. However I was watching the trailer for the next film and I will guarantee with 97.3% percent certainty that this movie is going to be terrible.

For two major reasons:

1) I saw Aiden in it. If you don’t know Aiden he’s the guy that the lead character (Carrie) was once in love with. Now, come on. The entire show was about her relationship with Big, and the first movie was about the same thing. Of course they ended up together at the end, and of course they will in this one too. I mean… really. How unoriginal.

And here is the “big” one….

2) It looks like it takes place in EGYPT. Yes, EGYPT. Last time I checked New York played a pretty big role in these films, it almost acts as a character of it’s own, Not to mention it’s in the title. You know… CITY. How are these women going to go to Egypt?

Well, I personally can’t fully believe I just put this much effort into this film when other summer hits are en route. But I had to break it down.

So the next time you drive and see a massive Carrie Bradshaw billboard on whatever street you’re on I want you to know that this movie (I hate to be negative) is not going to be good. As a matter of fact I think it is going to ruin things for all the Sex and The City fans. If I’m wrong please let me know… But I’m not.

Having said all this I just checked and saw that the first movie grossed over 400 million dollars worldwide, and I think this has to be some kind of record for TV show to film? Maybe?