Come on now Mr. Meteorologist

This past week I realized that a monkey could be a meteorologist…maybe. But seriously across the board the meteorologists were saying it was going to Thunder Storm and rain - it was 80 and sunny. I understand mother nature is a tricky lady but I just think if we have the capability to look at flares on the sun and look light years into the universe I think we should be able to track the cloud formation and get close to predicting rain.

Remember in Back to the Future part 2 when Doc Brown looked at his watch when it was pouring, told Marty to wait a few seconds and then POOF it stopped raining. He explained they can predict exact weather - I want that. What’s the deal? I’m sick of these “these guys” acting like they know what they’re talking about, especially here in California. Weather in California fluctuates once every 73 days so is it asking to much to be spot on?

Maybe I’m just being to negative or maybe I’m wrong, but when Johnny Mountain looks at his doppler 6500 and tells me it’s going to rain, I want rain.