Sleeping or Awake?

I just did a partial break down of things. I was thinking of how many hours am I awake per year? So I pulled out the abacus and started some math this is what I got…

If you sleep 6 hours and awake for 18 hours: It means you’re awake for 6,570 hours per year. On the flip you’re sleeping for 2,190 hours each year. 

This has been making me break down what my day consists of, how much I work, how much I think about specific subjects, and simply - how productive I am in my time awake. 

I then took this a step further. Anticipating I live a 65 year life and continuously am awake for 18 hours and sleep for 6…

525,600 hours awake and 175,200 hours sleeping.

I realize this is a flawed system because I’m adding my sleep hours in the earlier portion of my life and am adding hours awake to parts of my life that have not yet been lived. But this equation is an extreme estimate. The purpose is to break down the productivity in this time alive. How do you spend your time when awake? I personally believe time should not be squandered if you have the ability to not squander it (everyone’s definition of squandering and daily production will be different).

It’s something to think about, and when I spend a hour watching LOST tonight on ABC and then another 4 hours thinking about what’s going to happen, I’ll adjust this equation. 

How do you spend your time? And if you find the fountain of youth to extend the timing please let me know.