Adaptation or Extinction

I was watching the Discovery Channels new 11 part series called LIFE. At some point in the hour long episode tonight they highlighted a small fish with wings that would jump from the water, it manager to hover for about 300 feet. Aside from my initial thought of… What the Hell was That? I thought that they would undoubtedly be dead if they couldn’t do that, extinct in fact.  This fish was a small one, considered a feeder fish to anything over the size of 4 feet, but still they were figuring out a way to survive.

It’s so primal and so basic, it’s one of 2 major functions all species instinctively have… Survival… And for the record, the other function is Breeding.

Survival is what keeps us moving on a day to day basis, and how do we survive? As Human’s we adapt regularly. We’re the flying fish. We find ourselves forced to change regularly, and seemingly the Human species has done a good job at doing so. The ironic part is we adapt because we’re adapting, we’re constantly changing from the previous moment only to create a new moment to eventually change from. 

Now what happens if we don’t adapt, well it’s really quite simple… We crumble. The crumbling aspect is inevitable, it’s just a matter of time. The reason why the crumble is so unappealing is because many times adapting requires a change, and as we know, most of us hate change. Leaving the nest of comfort is always a scary thing, but change is inevitable and you can either adapt with change… or not. 

You probably don’t recognize it but we’ve all been adapting everyday, like I said earlier humans are great at it. It’s a beautiful process, it promotes opinion and creativity, it opens many new eyes. 

This all started with a flying fish.