The Importance of Change

Nope, not talking about President Barack Obama and his planned change in late 2008. I’m talking about the adjustment from your normalcy to what you will know as normal. Changes come in all shapes and sizes, it can be tangible or it can be a thought, but the actual movement that forces you to live and think differently is completely necessary.

Think about the times in your life, whether you had a monumental break-up, a move, a incident, a fight, a injury, a decision. Now think about how it changed your normal day, now think about how it changed you. How it changed you is all that really matters, because now it adjusts how you walk through everyday of your life. Why is this so important? Well, I think it is quite obvious. It forces you to make decisions and view everyday differently. Change allows growth.

The funny thing about change is that you don’t always know you need it, and it can creep up on you in a second. It seems scary and unsettling at times, but eventually we all figure out how to deal with it - That figuring out process is the key, that is what allows us to gain and maintain knowledge and depth.

Change is not always easy, but it’s completely important. Change is essentially living, and I think we all need a few moments where we change what we know, and begin to know something new, whether it’s a person or a location.

I think the quicker we accept that change is inevitable and we accept the fact that what you currently know now is not going to be everything you know tomorrow, the better life becomes.