Conversations With Ottford

My friend and I  challenge each other about our beliefs of life and how it’s run. We both carry a backpack’s load of question. Why are things the way they are? What’s the purpose? Why…Why… Why…

We ask the Why so often that sometimes I forget what we’re talking about. We have both encountered our thoughts becoming reality and have random synchronicity appear on a daily basis. Tonight a recurring conclusion has become visible.

In my (expert) opinion:

This life has purpose and we are the captain of our ships. I can’t imagine that we live to be in a bad place. We live to be happy, we live to connect with others and spread our knowledge to the next. Everything that happens around us is for a reason and the more we are aware of the moment to moment the more we understand the next moment.

We all have had our share of garbage fall on us, but there is always a positive side to anything. And who knows how it affects others, and in what way… we are connected with the other. All actions have a duality and the more me focus on the Ying the Yang may be missing.

And this was the Sunday Conversation Conclusion with Ottford.