Some of you may or may not know it but on a daily basis you go on an Journey. You go from point A to point B but when you get to point B you don’t realize you missed the fun. Most of us are stuck in a routine and miss the general beauty of what’s going on around us. We approach our destination as planned and go on about our day. We get stuck ignoring the journey, we forget how we get to one place, and we miss a lot around us.

The beauty is always in the Journey, the destination just helps seal the deal. My good friend Peter  understands this, he is currently working on his show intransit which can be seen at

The Series currently follows Peter through Central America showing the aspects of travel many of us neglect, but all know it’s the only fun Part.

If you want to check out travel at it’s best check out

I like to think of this as adventure and travel like you never have seen but want to do. So check it out.

Do it Now!

And remember, it’s The Journey not the Destination.