The Internet removing the moviestar

What happened to our movie stars? Do we still have them? Why is this really even important? What we’re witnessing now in the ever accessible time that we live in is diminishing allure of the entertainment industry. The allure is being brought down but also restructured because of the internet.

“Brought down” may not be the perfect word usage but what I mean is the over saturation of our “movie stars.” The people who were draws for the entertainment business have now because run of the mills everyday entertainment figures. When I say the allure is being brought down it is because at one time the ever elusive actor is nothing more than a regular.

Let’s take Youtube for instance, it was the game changer. It’s in the top 5 of most viewed sites on the internet (In the mix with Google, Yahoo, msn, Facebook). On youtube we have a selection of anything we want to watch. You can watch a cat falling asleep on a snake, you can watch your next door neighbor singing his favorite cover song, and you can watch Jessica Alba desperately promoting her husband’s website. What youtube did is bring down the level of who we hold “special.” In our minds the people who were on the silver screen were somebody different than us and they did something we didn’t do. Now, not so much, now I could be posting a video and on the same site a movie star is doing the same thing.

The internet has killed the “movie star” but it has promoted so many other “stars.” It has created a world of people that we never knew about, and these people are damn talented…Uh oh, so if their are talented people on the internet, and the internet is filled with people like me….! I’m talented, that’s what this all means it means I am a star, I’m no different than any of these people I see…Or so we subconsciously think. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Both, it just depends how you look at it. I’m currently looking at it from the movie star stand point. So first off who are the CURRENT Movie Stars? Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Maybe George Clooney or Damon or Jack Nicholson. What do people in this category have in common? Well you don’t typically see them showing up in mindless internet commercials. Maybe someone will show up in a funnyordie ad but nothing too serious.

So what does this tell me? Over Saturation can dumb down a “star” in Hollywood. Will we ever see people who aren’t in the lime lite twenty four hours a day. The internet is rapid and it’s growing, I wonder if anyone will be able to keep off it. It’s a catch because it is a a amazing resource to promote your work and reach a mass appeal, I mean I am currently using it.

In a matter of years what we know now as a Hollywood Movie Star will be gone. Since the internet is ever growing we’ll have no choice but to utilize it. The next generation is already here and it works in the social networking galaxy. The “movie star” you are fading, soon you will be gone. It’s unfortunate.

We’re so accustomed to living through individuals as a society that instead of living through a select few we’ll live through more and more, because we’ll all be the same. We’ll all be the stars in our own regard. How is this important? Maybe the boxoffice will be affected by it, maybe not. Or maybe the internet will fade…but we know that’s not happening. Keep a open mind about who is a movie star, maybe they’ll fade. The world of gossip, youtube, twitter, and facebook will evolve into something else, new exploits await and the stars will find it.