The cruise from hell? What?

“It’s nothing like anyone expected,” said passenger David Zambrano. “You stand in line for two hours just to get your food because everybody goes to the same place to pick up their food. Then once you get your food, you look for something to do. People are playing cards. People are standing around, just kind of talking. They’re getting to socialize.”

Um… after reading that quote things don’t seem that bad? Did a someone just make a big deal out of socializing?

That quote above is from a passenger of The Carnival cruise ship that’s broken down 55 miles off the coast of Punta San Jacinto. It’s currently been out to Sea for the past 3 days. This all started with a engine fire which stalled the boat and eventually led to the failure of all electricity. The ship is currently being pulled by tugboats to the San Diego area where they will unload to safety.

We shouldn’t be surprised by this but the media is having a field day with this. Last night the tug boat’s pulled the ship within a cell phone reception area and the moment that happen practically everyone on the ship began calling their loved ones, friends….and errr, the media. Once this hits the media it’s over, this is basically being talked about as though Jack Dawson is on board and this is officially Titanic part 2.

As we know, if something falters even for a second we need to polarize it and milk it for all we can. Before we know it these passengers are going to be writing their own books about courage on the water. Anyway, I digress…

The main issues that have been pointed out is that 1) there is no electricity 2) they didn’t have working toilets for a day and 3) they could only eat “cold” food. Those are the issues. Yup. There have been no fights, no passengers going over board, no captains losing their shit, just plain old lack of electricity and cold food with a little backed up toilet.

This whole thing has been summed up with the quote above, it’s been called a “nightmare.” Carnival is about to get the Domino’s treatment.

The good news is that everyone is alright, the bad news is everyone is stretching for a story here. If the best we can do is to discuss the issue of socializing we may have a week of horrible Carnival stories. This may be a good time to book your next cruise.

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